The “5 Boroughs Book Club” is a philanthropic groupfounded under the mission to promote Friendship, Faith andFellowship. The group is comprised of local Tustin men looking to give their time and energy to great causes. We have worked on many philanthropic areas including building homes in Mexico, Habitat For Humanity in Orange County, and mentoring students at Hillview High School. (Tax ID #95-1738147).

     Hillview High School is a “safety net” for students in the Tustin Unified School District who have fallen behind in credits.  Students coming to Hillview have the opportunity for a second chance to get back on track for graduation.  Because of the smaller campus and class sizes, students are able to get the help that need while establishing a positive rapport with staff.

     The average stay for a student at Hillview is about a year and a half.  Students have the opportunity to return to the comprehensive school when they have caught up on credits, but most choose to stay.  Hillview is proud  that it has almost a 100% graduation rate and has been recognize  by the state as a “California Model School”.

     A large part of the school’s success can be contributed to the staff’s hard work with students motivating  students  to work up to their potential, understand hard work is the key to success and helping students who have struggled in the past believe in themselves.  As Superintendent Greg Franklin said, “The Hillview staff not only change lives but in many cases SAVES lives”.