Why Offer Your Product or Service to ?


Exposure. Exposure. Exposure.

Your logo and link to your website will be prominently displayed on our site as well as every fundraising site that opts to offer your product or service. Your logo and link will also be present on the emails going out to their database promoting the event. We will provide monthly reporting to show you the click-throughs to your site.

You Get Paid!

We will negotiate a starting bid and you will get those funds when the bid exceeds the minimum.

It's for a Good Cause.

Our site is focused on raising money for non-profit causes. Your product or service will be an integral fundraising component for these organizations.

How it Works

We will offer a list of products and services and the Charity will choose which items they want to have at their auction. If your product or service is chosen, a custom sign will be displayed with a picture and details of your offering.

After the auction, if someone has bid over the minimum, we send you the money and you ship the product or gift certificate. The Charity keeps the balance.

The Charity can choose to keep the bidding to the participants at the event or open it up to anyone to increase the bid amount.

It's that easy. Fill out the Request Information form on the right or call us at (844) 864-9506.

Request Information Form

Do you have a great product or service you would like to provide for a charity auction? We'd love to hear from you.

Partner with us to benefit great causes and expand your company's brand exposure!