Transforming the Way People View & Treat Children’s Mental Health

Did you know that 1 in 6 children aged 2 – 8 years has a psychological, behavioral, or developmental disability?  According to the CDC, the most commonly diagnosed mental disorders include ADHD, anxiety, behavior problems, and depression.  The Extraordinary Lives Foundation (ELF) is on a mission improve the mental health and wellness of children by providing educational tools and resources designed to support these adolescents and their families.  Their vision is to destigmatize mental health challenges and to increase awareness to normalize conversation and to encourage families to reach out.  

Piggie Bear

The Piggie Bear character was created to empower children, to help them deal with their emotions, and to boost self-confidence.

Piggie Bear is the main character of “The Power of Piggie Bear”, a children’s book written by ELF's founder, Mara James.  Piggie Bear helps children develop their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) using the following five tools:

     1.  Piggie Bear teaches how to identify emotions
     2.  Piggie Bear teaches self-calming skills
     3.  Piggie Bear teaches empowering words
     4.  Piggie Bear teaches self-love
     5.  Piggie Bear teaches self-acceptance

ELF donates copies of “The Power of Piggie Bear” to children’s hospitals, foster children and children that have been abused.  All proceeds from Piggie Bear sales support the Extraordinary Lives Foundation's mission to empower all children, including those with mental health challenges, to reach their highest potential.

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