Event Day Support:

You will have a volunteer form on your Charity Valet website allowing people to sign up and request available responsibilities. In addition, we can often find more help for your event through our database of past volunteers.
Registration / Check-in
Utilize our experienced staff to manage the registration and check-in responsibilities. This is often the first impression your attendees will have and ensure that it is handled efficiently and professionally.
Event Set-up
Charity Valet can provide an experienced professional to help organize vendor and sponsor set up prior to your guests arriving. Making sure that everyone has what they need and understands that there is a go-to person to answer any questions goes a long way in securing them for your other events.
Mobile Auction Support
You have taken the first step already by using Charity Valet's mobile auction platform. We can provide experienced staff to help your attendees use the platform and answer any question immediately so they can enjoy a hassle free bidding experience. In fact, we can bring extra tablets that are pre-programmed if people are having trouble with their mobile device.
You have created a great experience at the event and now it is time to check guests out that have made a purchase during the day or at the auction. Similar to the registration duties, our professional staff will quickly and painlessly ensure that everyone receives their auction items and understands their final bill. Since you are using Charity Valet's website and mobile auction platform, all statements are emailed immediately after the last auction item has sold. Their credit card will have been charged and our team will make sure they receive their auction items and assist if they have any questions regarding their statement.

Let us help serve you!