No Need to Cancel Your Golf Event or Auction this Year! Consider a GOLF-A-THON...

  1. Custom branded feature-rich event website (click here for an example)
  2. NO limits on fundraising potential as there is no limit to golfer participation
  3. No rainouts or bad weather concerns
  4. No checks to collect or inventory to deliver - everything is done online
  5. All-in-one fundraising platform

Raise record amounts with almost zero planning, management and operations.

       Charity Valet's Golf-a-Thon provides the platform for golfers to raise money for your cause. In short, the golfer will solicit pledges based on how many holes he/she can play in one day. Golfer registration, pledges, donations and sponsorships are all done online through a custom designed event website from Charity Valet. The beauty of this program is that you can run it for several weeks allowing golfers to play based on their schedule. The software provides the golfer with an unlimited golf voucher. After receiving pledges or donations, they schedule their round of golf and play. After the round the golfer logs into their portal and enters the number of holesnplayed and the software tallies and charges the donors who pledged.

The Process and How it Works

The process to set up and launch a Golf-a-Thon.

Choose Golf Course

  • Locate venue and negotiate unlimited player rate Click Here to download a guide to help choose the right course
  • Decide what is included in the golfer registration description and price desired

Set up your golf-a-thon

  • Build your Custom Golf-a-Thon Website
  • Set all of your own pricing
  • Includes managment of Registration Sponsorship and Donor
  • Golfer has their own custome profile
  • Choose end date for event allowing 1-3 months
  • Comprehensive live reporting

Promote Fundraiser

  • Contact all your golfers and promote the golf event
  • Contact sponsors and past donors
  • Of course, post on all social media channels

Track Progress, collect Money!

  • After each golfer finishes their round donors cards are charged
  • Track via real-time reporting
  • The system automates all payments, tracking and notifications
  • Collect your final check when the event is finished

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No Banqet, No Problem

We recommend
adding a and/or a to your event to
increase more participation,
and as a result,

How much can a Golf-A-Thon raise?

Between golfer registration, pledges and donations most events raise between $200-$250 per golfer. You can increase that substantially if you add a virtual raffle and/or a virtual auction. Remember, this is not a live event, so people from anywhere across the nation can participate and bid on your items. The software manages almost everything.

What does it Cost?

The one-time license fee for the golf-a-thon software platform is $500. We also charge 10% of all sales but we pay the credit card processing fees.