Golf Event Fundraiser Ideas

Ways To Make Your Event a $ucce$$!

Charity golf events are a popular and fun way to raise money that every organization should try. But there's so much more you can do to ramp up participation than just sell tickets. Here are a few suggestions:

Host a Golf-a-Thon
Instead of raising money by charging golfers to play, transform it into a sponsored, longer event. Like a walk-a-thon, golfers ask family and friends to donate per hole golfed. This can dramatically increase the amount of money raised from every participant!

Solicit Sponsors for Each Hole
Sell prominent advertising space to community businesses which includes mentions on the website, in the program, and signage at the hole. Sponsors can also donate goods as prizes or silent auction items.

Include Golfing Contests
To add some entertainment value, have some special contests between rounds. This can include Longest Drive, Closest the Pin, or Hole-in-One. Perhaps have a special game just for kids! These contests can be separate ticket events with unique prizes.

Sell Mulligans
A Mulligan (or "do-over") is a popular add-on to many charity golf tournaments. This can be sold as a special card or sticker, which gives the player one or more chances to redo their last shot.

Have Plenty of Booze, Snacks
A roving cash bar or one that's available at certain holes is an essential part of fundraising. Quite simply, people get thirsty playing all that golf! (You might want to have snacks, raffle tickets, or other stuff on hand too.)

Add a Golf Ball Drop
Golf Ball Drops always up the ante. Have your team sell tickets: a large amount of numbered golf balls are dropped at once onto the green, with prizes going to ticketholders of the ones that are nearest or go in the hole. The logistics are usually quite challenging, but thanks to our eChiever Golf Ball Drop, it's a snap to get it up-and-running. (Learn more here!)

Use Super Tickets
Instead of having people buy a raffle here, a mulligan there, why not include everything on one Super Ticket? These are more enticing to participants and have been shown to raise more money than selling items individually.

Offer a Banquet
As an extension of the charity golf event, be sure to have a celebratory dinner for the participants. This is where you can do raffles or silent auctions and charge a separate fee for admission.

Do It All With CharityValet!
These are just a few ideas that many organizations and event planners have found effective in raising more money at charity golf events. With CharityValet software, we make it easy for you to create, promote, and manage the event yourself. But, if you'd like us to take care of it all, we can do that too. Premium CharityValet services include consultation, marketing, and even running the entire program from start to finish.

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