How To Do a Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

Add "WOW" to Your Charity Golf Event

A Golf Ball Drop is a tried-and-true method of fundraising, but why not UP the ante? The latest fad is the Helicopter Ball Drop, which adds even more spectacle, participation, and revenue.

Here are a few tips about how to do a helicopter ball drop for your next charity event.

1. Choose a reliable helicopter service. Find one online that has good customer reviews or look for a referral from other organizations. If you have good connections, maybe you can get the local news helicopter to donate their services.

2. Consult with your local parks department or golf course. Make sure you can get permission to land and that there is enough clearance in and around the area so it can be done safely.

3. Spread the word. A Helicopter Golf Ball Drop can draw big crowds so it's likely you can also get bigger sponsors and larger prize donations. You may be able to sell signage space on the helicopter itself.

4. Motivate your crew. Whether it's a football team or your church group, a Helicopter Golf Ball Drop is only exciting if there are LOTS of balls. Give rewards to the team member that sells the most balls.

5. Give yourself plenty of time. Because it's such a grand event and requires a lot of participation, be sure to set the date for the drop early and start selling tickets well in advance.

6. Keep track of numbered balls as well as customer information. This is crucial as the drop won't be successful if an unsold number wins a prize or the name can't be read off the ticket. Be sure to REMOVE all balls that haven't been sold.

Does this all sound too daunting? Don't worry: CharityValet is here to help!

  • We have extensive contacts with reputable helicopter services. We can either book it for . you or give you several vendors to choose from.
  • We also deal with many golf clubs and park services and have great suggestions where to . have the Helicopter Ball Drop in your area.
  • We have commitments from many retailers that can offer premium prizes for your . Helicopter Ball Drop.
  • Our eChiever Golf Ball Drop software makes selling the tickets a snap. Your team can easily . sell them online to friends and family – no need to go door-to-door!
  • eChiever also allows for real-time stats of sales with the ability to award prizes to top . sellers.
  • eChiever also ELIMINATES the need of removing unsold balls – everything is . automated/numbered as they are sold.
  • On the day of the event, we'll make sure the correct numbered balls sold are delivered. You . can also easily sell more right up until drop time.
  • All the information from your buyers is collected in a database, instead of scribbled on a . ticket. This can also be saved for your next event!
  • For more information about eChiever click here.

A Helicopter Golf Ball Drop is always awesome and never has to be stressful. CharityValet is here to help you make sure it's done right. Contact us for more info!

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