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Last golf tournament the Ball Drop raised over $6,000 for our sports teams! Our goal for the Fall 2021 event on November 15, we would like to raise $15,000.  More money raised means more money back to the teams... 

This year's Ball Drop Sales will be a contest to see which Sports Team can sell the most Balls. 50% of each teams total ball sales will go directly to each individual Team Sport!

Top Selling Team

The Sports Team that sells the most balls will receive 100% of the sales. (For example: If the girls soccer team sells the most balls out of ALL the teams (with 500 golf balls as the total), then approximately $5,000 will go back to the team.)

Ball Drop Winners Prizes:

1st Place - $1,000

Please select which "SPORTS TEAM" you are supporting by clicking on their sport on the drop down menu to the right.

Thank You and Good Luck!

Please Note: Ball Drop sales will close at 12:30pm on November 15th!

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Choose Quantity
Options Price Qty.
1 Ball $10.00
6 Balls $50.00
13 Balls $100.00

Ball Drop Leader Board

 ★  Top 5 SALES LEADERS  ★
Golf Balls Sold Name
363 Girls Soccer Team
235 Football Team
168 Boys Lacrosse Team
97 Boys Soccer Team
70 Dance Team
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