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Sunday, January 16, 2022 at VIRTUAL
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KCCYSA was established in 2009 by Dale Seitter, a disabled Veteran, to provide a non-select all inclusive youth football and cheerleading alternative in the Fort Hood area. KCCYSA promotes successful performance on the field and in the classroom by instilling core ethics based on hard work, discipline, respect, determination and desire. The goal of KCCYSA is to teach youth that the value and capability of the entire group is dependent upon each individual doing their best to achieve a single goal. No one player, coach, parent or entity is more important the team itself. KCCYSA develops leaders on and off the field for today and the future. The youth of today are our future and the ethics and values learned in KCCYSA are intended to help them establish a firm foundation for athletics, academics and life. KCCYSA believes we owe our best to the kids entrusted to our care and mentorship before, during and after each season.


KCCYSA strives to provide a safe, effective and positive environment for all our participants without any fear of discrimination or prejudice.  KCCYSA is committed to instilling core values and the  power of teamwork in our young participants.  We believe these are important to their growth as athletes, students, and citizens.


KCCYSA will instill in our youth the challenge of competition, the joy of victory, the reality of defeat, the importance of commitment and the spirit of community.  These goals will be achieved through organizing our dedicated volunteers, caring parents, and business associates who wish to partner with our great youth program.

KCCYSA will continue to expand opportunities to include more youth programs in sports, academics and social development.  KCCYSA is more than an athletic program, we are a community asset that extends our support with actions and partnerships throughout the entire year. 

Developing Our Future Leaders!

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