Roll the Dice...

A Guide to the Dice Roll Contest

IN A NUTSHELL: The program is simple, once the custom dice roll sales website is created, the organization sends out the link to friends, family and the community, asking for their support by purchasing an entry into the dice roll contest. Every donation that buys a ticket is sent a unique 4 digit dice combination and entered to win a grand prize. After ticket sales close, the dice is rolled 4 times to determine the winning combination.

HOW IT RAISES MONEY: Dice Roll fundraisers are so effective because they have nearly zero expenses; no venue rental, fees, equipment costs, storage or shipping.

WHY IT'S SO EFFECTIVE: An online dice roll contest is a powerful stand alone fundraiser, OR add one on to your next fundraising event. By adding this unique virtual contest to an existing event, you are able to raise money from people who otherwise wouldn't participate in your raffle or auction. In fact, 71% of tickets purchased are made by people not in attendance to a live event.

BEST PRACTICES: Tracking and rewarding top sales leaders , consistently promoting the contest and assigning minimum goals are the 3 biggest contributing factors that most successful events have in common.

Charity Valet has looked at tons of data from hundreds of Dice Roll Fundraisers and have determined that the same amount of people purchase tickets whether they are $10 or $25. By charging only $10, you are just simply losing money. For tickets priced over $30, we start to see a decline in the number of purchases. Therefore, $25 seems to be the magic number.

BULK PACKAGES: 5 Tickets for $100
Sell bulk packages or offer early bird pricing specials.

SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES: 20 Tickets & Sponsor Recognition for $300
Offer to recognize their business as a sponsor (or list their family name, etc..) you can showcase their logo or name on the website, sales materials and recognize them at the live event. We have seen a surprising amount of corporate credit cards used and these sponsorship packages sell well.

How much do Online Dice Rolls actually raise? Dice roll contests are a crowd favorite, tickets are easy to sell, the entire contest can be hosted virtually and you have almost zero expenses. After reviewing our data, Dice Roll fundraisers raise anywhere from $6,000 to $55,000 depending on organization (or school or team) size, promotional efforts and minimums.

By the numbers.... a quick overview.
100 supporters x 15 ticket minimum sales goal x ticket price of $25 each = $37,500 minimum
Don't forget to assign minimum sales goals and reward top sales leaders.

Charity Valet Dice Roll Software: By using the Charity Valet software, your custom contest is quick and easy to set up and manage (we do it for you, free of charge), it's easy to share with friends, family and the community and it's automated so that everything is delivered, tracked and reported for you. The platform makes it easy for your supporters to buy tickets, enables you to track sales and reward top sales leaders, easily assign minimums, showcase sponsors, communicate with participants via email blast tools and access robust reporting anytime.

Pricing: Pricing is simple. We charge a 10% fee and we absorb the 3-4% credit card fees.